Firewood In Evesham

At D.Jeanes Tree Care, we are passionate about our environment and recycling. That’s why any wood and timber that arises from our range of professional tree projects gets processed into firewood logs, so you can rest assured that all of our firewood is responsibly sourced. We also ensure that any wood chip gets sent for biomass or is used by local businesses and farmers. We have a plentiful supply of seasoned and unseasoned wood available, at highly competitive prices, that we can deliver to your premises at a time to suit you.

All firewood logs are stored to allow the wood to season thoroughly, which results in perfect, slow burning logs for a wood burner, open fire or solid fuel appliance. We provide 1m3 (larger than a regular builders bag) loads of seasoned hardwood – at prices to suit your requirements. Un-seasoned wood is also available, so you can season it yourself if required at lower prices. Please contact us to discuss your firewood requirements and we will do our best to help.

We offer free delivery of our firewood in Evesham and up to 5 miles, which enables us to serve most of the surrounding villages and up into the Cotswolds area.