Hedge Cutting

Overgrown hedges in your garden or commercial premises can cause a variety of problems, from limited safety, disruption to paths and even hefty fines due to new high hedge legislation. At D.Jeanes Tree Care, our professional hedge cutting and trimming specialists have many years of experience with all types of hedge maintenance.

Experienced Hedge Cutting Specialists

With our qualified and experienced team, we will always advise our customers on the most suitable service for their requirements. We advise any major hedge reducing to occur outside of the nesting season (this is a legal requirement) as this prevents disruption to our wild bird population. Since the nesting season can vary from year-to-year, depending on climate; we recommend any major work to hedges to be carried out around September to February/March. Light hedge trimming projects cause much less disruption and could potentially be carried out throughout the summer months.

Please contact us, so we can discuss your hedge cutting or trimming requirements and to arrange a free consultation with our specialist team.

Hedge Cutting
Professional Hedge Cutting